Reflexní fólie

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Marking Tape to ECE 48

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In Europe, reflective marking has been compulsory for all new commercial vehicles with a permissible total weight of 7.5 t and for trailers as of 3.5 t since 10.07.2011. The marking must be affixed in accordance with the ECE 48 guideline.


  • side: white or yellow
  • rear: red or yellow

assembly on rear

  • as of 2.10 m width complete widthmarking is compulsory

assembly on side

  • as of 6.0 m lengths (incl. drawbar):
  • at least part marking. In case of reflective advertising, complete marking is compulsory.

sizes and heights

  • The marking must be affixed at the smallest possible distance from the edges.
  • longitudinal direction and width: max. 600 mm from the edges
  • from the top: max. distance 400 mm
partly marked
reflective marking