31 Side Curtain Systems

buckles positive lock

KIPPSI, stainless steel
with high-strength straps polyester
with rave hook
KIPPSI® with brake
buckles positive lock push-tab-release, with integrated stop

over center buckles

OC-buckles with rave hook M46 or M52
over centre buckles with polyester straps and flat hook M42
over centre buckles with polyester straps and flat hook M52

direct buckles

direct buckles 2000
(certified Variants available)


QUICK-Slide fastener, adjustable by 30 mm
QUICK-Slide, adjustable 30mm
PVC/stainless steel


with steel ball-bearing
fits for edscha-profile
and ANBA-profile
with ball-bearing
for small alu-profile
double roller
with ball-bearing on one side
with steel ball-bearing
for edscha-profile
double roller
bent type


hooks, straps, adapter

straps with rave hook, black
rave hook
flat hook M46/M52 Niro Z/N
bottom straps, black/silver


ratchet type R44
ratchet type R45
ratchet type 90 mit square connector/ratchet type 70 slotted
type M06, zinc plated
type M50 H, zinc plated
type M50 K, zinc plated


with or without stainless steel parts 

round profile type R, incl. aluminium adaptor with slot
round profile type R incl. stainless steel adapter with square 12 x 12 mm, aluminium
type R for large tent keder, 13 mm
type R, incl. stainless steel adapter for slot socket
adapter upper/lower parts


Type AE, BE, DE 

type AE
type BE
type DE

protection profiles

 for direct-buckles

protection profile, aluminium with V-groove
steel profile type 40
steel profile type 52
protection profile, zinc plated
alu-rails type A
alu-rails type B
alu-rails type C
alu-protection profile with V-groove


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