strip doors

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  • metal parts of  stainless steel
  • strips from pvc
  • food-safe
  • simple assembly
  • simple exchange of  individual parts

Assembly instructions

Lengths of strips 

Cut the stripes according to the height and the position of the hook: 

below the lintel 40 mm
above the lintel 20 mm

Strip length should be 10 mm more than the the height of the door.
We recommend to cut the strips to size after final installation only.

To fix the strips to the metal plates

- draw the holes 
- drill the holes (5 mm drill) 
- put the strips between the metal plates

Rivet the metal sheets and strips 

200 x 2 mm rivet length 8 mm
300 x 3 mm rivet length 10 mm

Overlapping of the strips