Reflective Marking Tape

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  • highest quality
  • Colours
    sides: white or grey
    rear: red or yellow
  • installation requirements rear
    2.10 m width and beyond: Full Contour Marking
  • installation requirements sides
    6.0 m length and beyond (incl. shaft): at least one partial marking. In case of reflective prints, Full Contour Marking is required.
  • Sizes and heights
    The markings are to be installed with the lowest possible distance to the edges.
    along the edges/width: max. distance 600 mm
    top: max. distance 400 mm

Contour Marking has been mandatory in Germany since July 10th 2011 and in all of Europe since October 2011 at the latest for all trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 t and above and trailsers 3.5 t and above. It is to be deployed according to European standard ECE 48.